Why do I have a lump in my neck?

There are many causes of lumps in the neck, with most being enlarged lymph nodes. We have about 300 lymph nodes in the head and neck region. Most cannot be felt unless they are enlarged due to bacterial or viral infections, which is the case 95% of the time. Very rarely are neck lumps due to cancer, especially if you do not smoke or drink. Even so, the risk is still low.

A lump in the neck may also be due to thyroid nodules or thyroid diseases [link to service page]. In Singapore, thyroid gland-related diseases are relatively common and about 1 in 20 patients will have a thyroid nodule that can be felt. Thyroid nodules are more common in women.

All neck lumps in children and adults should be checked out by a doctor.

In summary, neck lumps may be caused by:

  1. Bacterial infection 
  2. Cancer 
  3. Thyroid disease
  4. Allergy reactions

Neck lumps are commonly encountered by Dr Dennis Chua. He may carry out the following investigations to help evaluate your neck lump:

  1. Blood tests 
  2. Fine needle biopsy
  3. Punch biopsy 
  4. Lymph node biopsy
  5. X-ray, MRI scans, CT scans, PET scans 
  6. Examination under anaesthesia
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